Tubao engineered wood is the Company's technological achievements through independent research and development, but also is one of Tubao's main products.
Tubao Engineered Wood
The Company has a number of invention patents, and has won many major awards, such as "China Forestry Industry Innovation Award", "Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award" and "American Product Innovation & Productivity Award". The excellent product quality has fully won the market recognition, and the products are exported to the United States, India, Russia, Germany and other places.
Major Awards
  • China Forestry Industry Innovation Award

  • Zhejiang Science And Technology Progress Award

  • American Product Innovation & Productivity Award

Advanced Equipments And Complete Products
The Company has introduced advanced production equipments from all over the world, and owns professional product research and development center and modern plant equipments. At present, the production capacity has reached 12000 cubic meters per year, and has developed more than 1700 varieties and styles. The product quality, patterns and production & sales scale are at the advanced level of the industry.
Four Technologies, Quality Upgrading
  • Bionic

  • Environmental

  • Flame Retardant

  • Weathering

Bionic technology: with intelligent recognition and computer 3D reconstitution, natural wood texture is formed.

Environmental protection technology: from grade E1 to formaldehyde-free grade, the engineered wood achieves the highest requirement for environmental protection level.

Flame retardant technology: self-developed flame retardant technology is adopted to meet the requirement of flame retardant B1 Standard.

Weathering technology: through breakthrough of dye and use process, 1.5-2 level (industry level) is upgraded to 3-5 level.

Saving Resources, Environmental Protection
Engineered wood products are non-dependent on the natural precious wood, are the best substitute for the increasingly scarce natural forest resources, and have important significance of sustainable development. These products can not only meet people's demand for decorative effect and demand of different tree species, but also make the precious forest resources continue.
High Utilization Rate, Labor Saving
Engineered wood has no natural defects, such as wormhole, knot scar, color variation and so on. At the same time, its texture and color have certain regularity. Therefore, in the use process, it can well avoid the trouble of difficult splicing caused by the difference of texture and color of natural wood products, and can make full use of every inch of materials purchased. Its normal dimension is 2500×640mm, two pieces can be spliced into a panel, which greatly saves time and improves work efficiency.
Authoritative Technology, Industry Pioneer
Tubao Company has undertaken 12 national projects, 107 provincial and ministerial projects, participated in formulation of 7 ISO international standards, acted as the leader for formulating 25 industry and group standards, and participated in formulation of 142 national and industrial standards. Tubao has applied for 351 patents in total, including 222 authorized Chinese patents and 2 international invention patents. Tubao has won 1 National Science and Technology Progress Award and 5 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards.
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